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How to document a problem in PCad2Wop

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PCad2Wop is a very complex solution with many possible adjustments:


- CS.INI configuration parameters

- WKZTAB.CSV tool table

- CTP-file defining details passed from PaletteCAD to PCad2Wop

- VBS Visual Basic programming of customer specific details/behaviour


If you have a problem with the resulting CNC-file of a board then please check the following:


1) In 99% of caseswe are talking about a problemwith a single board, which means that we can try toverify the problem with this board alone. Create a PaletteCAD plan based on a single board or at least on a single cabinet. Remove all unnecessary boards that do not describe this problem.


2) Please check if the details are wrong with this single board (“Wood technology board”) in PaletteCAD. Open the board in PaletteCAD and check the details in the list of workings.
If you see the problem, then please contact the general hotline of PaletteCAD to find and solve the problem in the plan. In this case it is not a CAM-problem !!
It is very important to distinguish between problems with
the planning/construction in PaletteCAD and those with the generation of CNC-code based on 100% correct PaletteCAD-boards.


3) If the board is OK in PaletteCAD and it is a problem with the CNC-code-details belonging to this board, then please continue with the following steps;
Please send us in detail the following files and information:


4) Please describe the problem; what is wrong and what result do you need/expect for this board?
Please send us the resulting (wrong) CNC-file and if possible a manually modified file that would be OK with the modifications that you expect


5) Is this a new problem – were you recently (previously) converting similar boards without this problem?

If so, when did you generate the last correct result for this board?
What happened after that point? Did you do any updates, or modify WINDOWS or the computer?


6) Please make a backup of PCad2Wop using the function in the main PaletteCAM-menu.
If this is not automatically uploaded via FTP-transfer, then please send us the resulting packed ZIP-file using the free service of 


7) Does your problem occur with any board, or only with specific boards?
Try to give the following information: “the error occurs only with “
x” boards and never with “y” kind of boards …”


8) Be sure to send us the following files:
- the *.P3D-file of the simple plan, if possible only with one relevant board
- the resulting CNC-file
- the manually corrected CNC-file
- screenshots of error-messages if you get errors while opening the CNC-file in your machine-software

Please understand that we can only find the reason for such a problem when we have all the above details and information. If you send us an email, please refer to all 8 points above and send us all the requested information. Thanks.


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